Pedal Box - Throttle Tuning for Sprinter Vans

$ 299.00

The Pedal Control combines advanced Bluetooth interface with the proven benefits of the original PedalBox. Pedal Control gives you the freedom to change the throttle characteristics.

Pedal Control installs quickly and simply by piggy backing into your vehicle's throttle pedal harness. This ensures it retains your existing warranty and is completely reversible. Advanced digital circuitry ensures a clean signal to your vehicle's ECU for reliable and consistent operation.

This is the newest design that other sellers are calling the Pedal Box 2.0.

Using your mobile device you can choose from multiple driving response modes:

Normal - When turned off, the vehicle retains its factory driving dynamic.

ECO - softens pedal inputs to make city driving smoother and maximize fuel economy.

SPORT - offers aggressive throttle characteristics with snappy response at the lower range of input.

INDIVIDUAL - build your own throttle response curve by defining a custom profile in the included app.

KIDS - allows you to limit the overall performance by up to 50% and produces a linear throttle curve.

VALET - drastically reduces pedal output to limit vehicle performance and speed, to 10, 20 or 30% of the maximum.

THEFT - completely disables the throttle pedal via the Bluetooth app.

*Pedal Control is NOT a performance chip; it does not alter the vehicle's ECU tune, add horsepower or torque, change the fuel or timing maps.

Electronic devices are non-returnable. All sales are final.

    • All warranties are manufacturers warranties