Koni Rear Shocks 2003 to 2006 3500 Sprinter pair

$ 399.00

Koni rear shocks for your early body 3500 Sprinter 2003 to 2006 van, RV, cab chassis, or commercial van. The early body Sprinter sometimes referred to as the T1N is most easily identified by the inline five cylinder, 2.7 liter diesel engine. The Koni rear shocks are an excellent upgrade or replacement to the factory shocks that are on there now. These are the red heavy duty Koni that have an adjustable rebound setting. This adjustable rebound can make a big difference in controlling ride quality. The Koni rear shocks can help with sway and rocking on your Sprinter. These are tried and true and we think are still the best. We also have complete suspension packages, and often you will want a complete package before you are really happy with ride performance. We still get a lot of calls on the early body Sprinter, especially as the RV's, van conversions, and commercial vans are now getting their second wind in the used vehicle market. We offer everything individually as well, sway bars, front SumoSprings, rear Sumos, and steel spring helpers. That way you can mix and match or custom tailor your package.  Please double check the year of the Sprinter chassis on your RV as their build date may differ. These early body Sprinters just keep going and getting reworked and re purposed and it is not uncommon to see 300 to 500 miles on the odometer. So if you have decided to keep your older Sprinter, or it's new to you, we can help you keep it performing. If you need any help please give us a call or email. 

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