Sprinter Rear 1.5" Sway Bar 3500 Van and Cab Chassis RoadMaster

$ 556.00

2019 and up Sprinter Roadmaster 1.5" rear sway bar replacement. This is a direct fit replacement and utilizes the factory heavy duty cast iron straps and factory end links making a flawless sway control system. Outstanding sway control for the newest Sprinter chassis.


2007 to 2018 3500 Sprinter: The 1 3/8" rear sway bar for 2007 to 2018 is a great upgrade for your Sprinter, especially if you have an RV conversion like the Airstream with a tight fitting generator. The Roadmaster sway bar upgrade utilizes the factory MB sway bar straps which keeps it in tight to the rear axle making it a great upgrade when other aftermarket bars may be too tight. 


These will help with the sway and wind drift, but most Class C, B+ RV and Class A owners will generally want some additional upgrades to the suspension. 


    • 2019 and up - direct fit utilizing the heavy duty factory cast straps
    • 2007 to 2018 is a 1 3/8" bar and fits tighter in than other aftermarket sway bar upgrades and will generally fit the Airstreams with close fitting generators
    • Easy installation
    • Made in the USA by Roadmaster
    • Great for RV, passenger van, cargo van, limo and commercial van use 
    • For more information on Sprinter suspension basics see our article here 
    • May take 1-2 weeks for delivery
    • All warranties are manufacturers warranties 

    Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.