Sprinter 4x4 or 2x4 Tire Deflator Tool

$ 29.95
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This is a tire deflator tool for Sprinter 4wd or 2wd. Never underestimate what deflating your tires can do for you when offroad. The traction gain is significant and this tool makes it simple to air down. I use this tool personally. I have always disliked the part of airing tires down before you enter a trail or offroad use area. You want to be out there going and not messing around with tires. This tool makes it so much easier and quicker to air down and be back in your vehicle ready for the trail. It is a well constructed tool that is accurate. The  schader valve never gets away from you and cannot be dropped, as it is captured inside the tool.  Don't forget to air back up before you go back on the pavement. Great for overlanding adventures in your Sprinter.  Rubicon trail tested!

See the Boss air systems for adding on board air to your Sprinter.