Sprinter Magnet Insect Screen for Sliding Door

$ 375.00

These magnetic closure insect screens are designed to fit all Sprinter vans, whether you have a cargo van, passenger van, crew van, or converted class B RV. The magnetic closure seals at the right side of the door facing the van. This allows for easy and natural entry into and out of your van without the need to bend or kneel. You grab the door seal and pull it open, you then close it back to the magnet strip. It's easy, fun, and we have had ours out multiple times this season.

Now available in both the 3.0 model which we use on our van, or the deluxe 4.0 model. See bullet points below for more on the two models.

Once installed the Sprinter's sliding door can be opened and closed without any removal of the screen. You have no exterior magnets to fuss with and when the sliding door is closed the magnets won't stick to the door.  There is no drilling required on the installation. The original zipper screen is also available and is an attractive price, you will find the original Sprinter zipper style bug screen here.  

Feel free to call if you have more questions, or if you wish to place the order over the phone. 

We have two different types of material available. The standard screen mesh is a house grade material and works great to keep mosquitoes and most smaller bugs out while allowing for maximum air flow and light. If the tiny biting midges or no-see-ums are a problem in your area we also offer true no see um Sprinter screens too. The no see um material is a bit tougher also.


Click here to download instructions for the Sprinter 3.0 slider door magnet screen

Click here to download instructions for the Sprinter 4.0 slider door magnet screen

Click here for Sprinter 3.0 sliding door magnet screen video.

Click here for Standard Screen vs. No-See-Um Screen and specs

  • The 3.0 model magnet screen is an easier installation and will have a magnetic sealed opening on the right side, a zipper across the top (used only if you want to roll it back out of way) and an adjustable gravity sweep on the bottom
  • 4.0 model magnet screen is a little more work to install but more positive sealing, it will have a magnetic sealed opening on the right side, across the top and a velcro sealed sweep on the bottom


 Additional information:

  • 10% restock or in store credit
  • Easily opens for entry using magnets to seal the opening at the right
  • Requires using peel and stick plus an adhesive promoter on the plastic trim
  • RV models with cabinets or counter tops in the doorway may require extra effort to install or minor modifications, however this is usually not a major obstacle to overcome
  • Zipper hing at top allows you to completely open the screen and roll it up out of the way
  • The bottom seal is an adjustable gravity type sweep
  • No bending for zippers to open, magnets grab and hold with limited contact
  • Removes quickly for seasonal storage if desired
  • Screen mesh is great for mosquitoes and even smaller insects
  • Made in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC using top quality materials
  • All warranties are manufacturer's warranties
  • One year warranty against manufacturer's defects


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Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.