Sprinter Sumo Springs Maxim Kit

$ 604.99

This is a similar product to the Sprinter SumoSprings Solo kit, but this kit has more girth and it also includes steel brackets that will tether the system top and bottom more like a traditional airbag. Available for all 2wd 2500 models and the 3500 Sprinter that does not have the 2" block under the springs. For the 2500 model Sprinters you also have a two piece split bag design (Sumo Rebel). There is also a commercial application or heavy duty version for the 3500 Sprinter (yellow material). We recommend the Maxim kit in more heavy duty applications. For most situations the popular selling  Sumosprings Solo kit is adequate, with easier installation, and friendlier pricing. If you want the heaviest Sumosprings product available this is it.

Never exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.  

3500 and 4500 Maxim heavy duty kit for commercial applications (yellow material) has a capacity of 2500 lbs. at 50 percent compression

3500 and 4500 Maxim stander duty kit (black material) has a capacity of 2200 lbs. at 50 percent compression.

2500 Maxim kit (black material) has a capacity of 2200 lbs. at 50 percent compression.


  • Compress up to 80% of original height with full memory rebound
  • Made in the USA
  • Read all manufacturers recommendations and warnings
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties
  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 


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