Sprinter Turbo Resonator Upgrade 2003 to 2006 2.7 5cyl

$ 119.95
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This is an aluminum turbo resonator upgrade, which is a one piece aluminum pipe that eliminates the factory composite resonator canister. It is a direct fit replacement. The composite units have been known to fail at the seam and it is difficult to see the failure. Any leak at the resonator will cause turbo boost loss which can cause a major power loss. You may also experience a check engine light with a code for low turbo boost and also go into limp mode. Do not perform any major turbo repair or replacement without checking this first. You could save yourself a lot money and headache. Not every shop knows to check this item. The factory resonator is like a small muffler that can help deaden the turbo air noise - in theory. The resonator upgrade is a straight through aluminum pipe which solves the seam issues and can help increase air flow. Because you will be eliminating the baffling that the original resonator has, the pitch that you hear from the turbo can change, but for most this is either not noticeable or is not a problem. Great for RV and commercial van use when down time is just not an option. Fix it for good.

You will need to re use your clamps and o-ring, or pick up a new o-ring at your local dealer.

  • Turbo Tube I.D (inside diameter) is bored for maximum flow!
  • CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Tig welded in a precision jig
  • Made in the USA
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties 

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