Sprinter Zipper Screen to Magnet Screen Conversion

$ 150.00

Over the years the original Sprinter zipper screens have proven to be outstanding in performance, durability, and function. They are still the best priced and best sealing screens on the market. That said many people find a magnetic opening easier to use with less kneeling or bending. The Zipper Screen to Magnet Screen conversion kit will allow you to convert any zipper style insect screen front or rear that we sell, to a magnet style screen. The opening will seal by magnets on the right side facing the van and you no longer need to use the zipper for entry.

Please keep in mind that we also have a side door magnet screen that is ready to install and does not need the conversion kit:  click here to purchase the Sprinter side door magnet insect screen.

If you want to convert the side door and rear door from zipper style screens, you will need two kits. If you want a rear door magnet screen you will need to purchase a Sprinter rear door zipper screen by clicking here and one of the conversion kits on this page.  

The original Sprinter side door zipper style insect screen is a great value and offers durability, function, and positive sealing features: you will find the original Sprinter zipper style side door bug screen here. 

Feel free to call if you have more questions, or if you wish to place the order over the phone. 

Click here to download instructions for the zipper to magnet conversion kit

Click here for Sprinter zipper to magnet screen sample video.

  • Easily opens for entry using magnets to seal the opening at the right
  • No bending for zippers to open, magnets grab and hold with limited contact
  • Made in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC using top quality materials
  • All warranties are manufacturer's warranties
  • One year warranty against manufacturer's defects


Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.