Sprinter 4x4 Suspension Products - Update

We are getting a lot of calls for Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades. Currently several of the suspension manufacturers that we work with are in the process of developing or considering products for the 4 wheel drive Sprinter. Boss air suspension has fitted an air bag for the four wheel drive Sprinter. As of now, we have not heard of any Sprinter lift kits being built for the 4x4. One thing we know is that most, if not all, of the 2WD Sprinter suspension parts are not compatible with the 4WD chassis. The current Koni shocks and struts available will not fit the 4x4 Sprinter. We will keep you posted as the new products come on line, and it never hurts to talk with the manufacturers direct or to post on their blogs or popular forums to let them know you are interested in Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades.
May 11, 2016 6 tags (show)