2018 and the New Sprinter 4x4

We are pretty excited about 2018! We have taken delivery of our new 2017 4x4 Sprinter 2500 144" High Roof Crew Van and got it added to "the fleet". We wanted to customize our 4wd Sprinter with factory options, and we had to wait six months for the special order Sprinter to come in. But we got the Sprinter set up with the factory options that we wanted, and it was well worth the wait for us. We ordered our new four wheel drive Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz of Salem Oregon. What a great experience! MB of Salem really knows how to put the fun back into buying a new vehicle, and they are a great lead for anyone wanting to purchase a Sprinter.

We may have broken our own record in having the Sprinter off road and on the beach in less than 24 hours after picking it up. Of course, we were gentle on it for the break in. You don't get many clear 65 degree days on the Oregon beach on a weekend in January, so we took advantage of it. Strangely enough there was a mostly identical graphite grey 4x4 144" wheel base Sprinter on the beach already, as well as a 170" wheel base Sprinter surfer set up in the parking lot, and a Class C Sprinter based RV around the corner. We offer many suspension upgrades and products for the Sprinter cab chassis and RV's, but remember to also keep an eye out for new Sprinter 4x4 products, accessories and information at SprinterUpgrades.com.


Sprinter 4x4 on the Oregon Coast

January 26, 2018