DTE PedalBox for Sprinters

We have added the DTE Systems Pedal Box to our line of Sprinter products. This is an easy to install plug and play system that optimizes throttle performance by optimizing the throttle sensors signal going to the engine control module. This will help the vehicle to reach the wide open throttle position much quicker and therefore realizing the true power potential much sooner. The  Sprinter Pedal Box reduces the travel necessary in your accelerator pedal to reach full throttle response and has multiple setting to allow a truly custom throttle tune.

In years past the Bowden cable or throttle cable was used to mechanically connect your accelerator pedal to your fuel delivery system.The Sprinters accelerator pedal position is read by a sensor that then sends a signal that tells the fuel delivery system what to do. This type of system is know as Drive by Wire.

Drive by wire systems are tuned for the standard driver and standard vehicle. The PedalBox will allow you to custom tune the throttle response. Some manufacturers offer similar functions as the PedalBox built into the vehicle via settings like Sport Mode, etc.

Made in Germany.

For off road use in US and Canada.

Please click here to purchase the PedalBox, find installation instructions and liability information.


January 24, 2019 4 tags (show)