Sprinter 2019 and 2020 VS30 Chassis

As many of you already know in 2019 the newest body Sprinter van (VS30 model) was released. This is a reminder that many RV's that are a 2019 RV model year may very well be built on a 2018 Sprinter chassis year, which is a different chassis. This can affect many parts you order for your 2019 RV if you order as if you have a 2019 chassis. Your chassis may be and probably will be a 2018 Sprinter chassis. You will most likely want to order any Sprinter related parts for a 2018 Sprinter and any RV specific parts for a 2019 RV model year.

We can take look at your vin number or you can look at the headlight photos below. The quickest way to tell the difference is the headlight styling. The 2018 will have the taller headlight assembly and the 2019 and 2020's have the lower profile headlight assembly.

We saw this back in 2007 when Mercedes switched over to the then new 2007 Sprinter Chassis (NCV3 model). Many RV's with the RV model year of 2007 were built on the 2006 chassis (T1N model). In fact due to the slow down around 2008 some RV model years were reaching into 2008 and maybe even 2009, and they were still being built on 2006 chassis year Sprinters.This created some parts issues as people ordered parts based on the RV model year. 

RV manufacturers have different model years and designs, just like a car manufacturer does. Each new year  RV model can bring new floor plans, updates and upgrades over the last year RV model. RV companies buy up a lot of vehicle chassis made by the vehicle manufacturer, and then build them out as an RV. It takes time to build an RV.  A vehicle chassis purchased in 2018 will generally get built out as a 2019 RV model and you will enjoy all the RV updates for that year RV even though you have a chassis one year behind. 

Normally this will make little to no difference at all unless there is a body change as there was in 2007 and now again in 2019. Whichever year RV or chassis you end up with, we hope you have a great time with it and get it out there to enjoy it.

We hope to see you on the road!

2019 Sprinter low profile headlights - black MB emblem and hood spoiler installed

 Sprinter 2019 model with Terrawagen hood spoiler

2018 and earlier taller headlight profile

Sprinter 2018 and down to 2014 headlight styling

December 01, 2019