Sprinter 4x4 Skid Plates - Oil Pan - Transmission - Transfer Case- Fuel Tank

We are excited to add a line of skid plates for the Sprinter 4x4. They are built by Van Compass out of California. You probably won't be driving your Sprinter 4wd van too far up the Rubicon trail, but the fact that it is four wheel drive means people will be taking these off road. These will see many miles of off road use here in the States. The Van Compass skid plates offer great protection against rocks or other obstacles in the trail. Even on pavement, road hazards can be trouble - we actually hit what appeared to be a starter on a trip back from Idaho recently. It could not be avoided due to a vehicle passing on the left as we slowed for the object in the road. It hit three times under the vehicle. Luckily we were not spilling fluids everywhere when we checked it out. I would have been a lot more comfortable if we'd had some skid plate protection in place before we hit the debris!

Check out the Sprinter 4x4 oil pan skid plate here, and the transfer case and transmission skid plate here. There is also a fuel tank skid plate being fitted and tested now. 


June 28, 2016