Sprinter 4x4 SumoSprings Rebel Kit and Fox Shocks Reviews and Feedback

"I am very happy with the Rebel Fox combo. The Rebel kit came in the same afternoon I was headed to Colorado, so I did not get to put them on. Now that I am back and have them on, I think its a perfect combo. Without the Rebel kit, high winds in the mountain passes were still annoying. With the Fox2.0s and the Rebel HD kit, the whole van feels more planted and handles gusty wind much better.  Fully loaded out for travel I'm pushing nine thousand pounds...The van sits level again. I'm very happy with the Kit. " - Ben TX, 2015 2500 Sprinter 4x4 (HD version of the SumoSprings Rebel kit) - Reminder: Do not Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating


I installed the Sumos (Rebel) and the Fox rear shocks on my Sprinter (4x4). The results were amazing. It is much smoother with less noise. -  Scottt TX, 2015 2500 4x4 Sprinter (Standard Duty version of the SumoSprings Rebel Kit)


"Hi Mark, Wanted to let you know that the rear suspension items you sold worked great. Drove from Montana to California and I was driving a totally different Sprinter from my previous drive, very stable, a pleasure to drive." Tim MT, 3500 4wd Sprinter (Standard Duty Rebel Sumos and rear Fox shocks)


Got the parts put on today and man what a difference. Rear ain't sagging and she handles much better. Really stoked, thanks.  If you notice the front wheel wells in the before picture you'll see how jacked it was in the front.- ED IL, 2015 3500 4x4 Airstream Sprinter Chassis (Heavy Duty version of the SumoSprings Rebel Kit and rear Fox shock custom tuned)


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