Sprinter Snorkel Kit 907 2019-up

$ 618.00

907 Sprinter snorkel kit for the 2019-2024 Sprinters.  Complete ready to go system at a great price. Over the years the snorkel systems have won out for dry dusty conditions over the water crossings that their look often suggests. Yes this kit will get your air intake up higher for a water crossing, but it will also help in dry dusty conditions to help pull air from a cleaner source. This is not to say you wont still get dust, but if you live on gravel roads or have an extended gravel drive, you are probably familiar with how often your air filter is full of dirt or grass seed. That is because the traditional air intake sits low, which is usually where things are getting stirred up. A great look, fit, and function for your next overland adventure. 

  • The kit includes:  a snorkel, a forward facing intake w/ screen, stainless hardware, template,  silicone intake and instructions.  A 4" hole needs to be cut into the left front fender
  • Fits 2019-2024 Sprinters without aux battery behind the headlight. Please note: this kit will not work if you have batteries under the hood
  • Will NOT fit 2023-24 4 cylinder
  • Snorkel is designed for maximum flow without restriction
  • Photo shows snorkel with pre filter on top. You must purchase the pre filter and snorkel package or a basic plastic scoop/forward facing intake w/ screen will be supplied

Click here to download 907 snorkel instructions.

If you already have the standard snorkel kit and want to add the pre filter now - click here - You can purchase the snorkel and pre filter package above.