VanTech Roof Rack for Sprinter Vans

$ 1,650.00

The Vantech roof rack for the Sprinter 2007-up will fit high or low roof vans with 141.75" factory roof tracks (144" wb vans), or vans with the 157.5” factory roof tracks (170" wb vans). (For vehicles with no factory tracks see roof tracks here). The Cargo rails are extruded aluminum and are 5.5″ in height. The cargo rails also have a built-in channel to allow additional accessories on the bottom.

Crossbars dimensions are 2.25″ X 1”. Crossbars are also extruded aluminum and has built-in channels on both top and bottom down the entire length of the cross bar. This system uses 10 cross bars on the 144" wb Sprinter and 11 bars on the 170" wb. U-Handles are placed on both front and rear of the system to allow easy access and wind noise reduction. The rear U-Handle has a roller system built in to allow for easy loading and unloading of materials and helps prevent scratches from happening on the cross bars. For load capacity read the factory manual for your vehicle’s weight load specifications. Hardware’s stainless steel and will never rust.

This system is available in either black or white powder coating or silver anodized finished.

Free shipping to the lower 48!

If an awning is desired the F45S can be mounted to the side of  the van.