VanTech Roof Rack for Sprinter Vans

$ 1,699.00

The Vantech roof rack for the Sprinter 2007-up will fit high or low roof vans with 141.75" factory roof tracks (144" wb vans), or vans with the 157.5” factory roof tracks (170" wb vans). (For vehicles with no factory tracks see roof tracks here).

The H2.1 is the lighter – but just as rigid – iteration of our original H2 system. We have increased usability and ease of install, while reducing the weight of the entire system by 20%. We did this by reinforcing pressure points and joints while reducing the material needed in non-weight-bearing areas. We have also increased modularity by adding more crossbar mounting holes at shorter intervals so you can decide where and how many crossbars to use. This will allow you to compensate for solar panels, roof vents, and much, much more! We have also designed a series of front and rear end accessories that allow you to tailor our system to your individual needs.

The AA configuration is simple and clean. Two “loop” or ‘U’ style end caps on each end of the system closes off the holes of the side rails, and leaves an open ended rack for cargo such as ladders, canoes, and surfboards.

Free shipping to the lower 48!

If an awning is desired the F45S can be mounted to the side of  the van.