Koni FSD Front Sprinter Struts Now Available

Koni now has front FSD Sprinter Struts available for both the 2500 and 3500 2wd. A 2500 Sprinter rear Koni FSD is also available. This will allow you to have the Koni FSD technology on all four corners of both Sprinter 2wd models. This is the self adjusting Koni technology that offers maximum comfort without sacrificing road holding and stability.

Koni FSD once refered to as Koni gold or golds are no longer being painted gold, they will transition over to a red body for the Sprinters. They will have an FSD sticker on them to help identify that you are getting the FSD Technology for your Sprinter and not the Heavy Tracks Koni with red body.


Koni FSD Gold Front Struts and Rear Shocks for Sprinter            Koni FSD Shocks - Formerly Gold now Red


Click here for Sprinter Front Koni FSD Struts



October 13, 2017