Koni FSD Front Sprinter Struts 2007-2023 pair

$ 614.00

The Koni FSD front struts are finally here for your Sprinter 2500 and 3500 2wd van or cab chassis.  FSD - Frequency Selective Damping technology will automatically adjust the strut in high frequency situations to reduce damping and maintain comfort while firming the ride or increasing damping during low frequency situations to provide superior control and stability. You no longer have to compromise between comfort and stability. Great road handling without sacrificing comfort has always been a balancing act. You get both maximum comfort and road-holding with the Koni FSD Technology for your Sprinter.

Koni FSD once refered to as Koni Gold or Golds are no longer being painted gold, they will transition over to a red body. They will have an FSD sticker on them to help identify that you are getting the FSD Technology and not the Heavy Tracks Koni with red body.

Here is what Koni North America is saying about the FSD Technology "FSD is firm for control over large bumps and corners, but soft for comfort over expansion joints and rough roads. While KONI is known to reduce bouncing in motorhomes, our FSD shocks include a special valve that filters out annoying vibrations before they enter the coach. The result is an incredibly smooth ride, with plenty of shock left to control pitching and swaying."

An excellent upgrade to the factory strut for both low mile or high mileage vehicles.

The Koni FSD technology can help with side to side rocking, sway, wind drift, and wobble. However, many Sprinter owners will want a complete suspension package before they are really happy with ride performance. See our complete suspension packages for the 3500 and for the 2500 for more information. We can custom tailor any suspension package to meet your needs and offer air bags, steel helper springs, sway bars, front SumoSprings and other items to complement your Sprinter suspension, based on your model, use, and driving habits. Call for recommendations or if you have any questions. 

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