Sprinter Cat's Eye Dual Rear Tire Pressure Equalizer pair

$ 250.00

This is the Cat's Eye brand for dual real wheel Sprinters. It is a tire pressure monitoring system and equalizer, which also allows for easier inflation. Great for the Sprinter 3500 Van or RV. This Tire Pressure Monitoring/Maintenance System or TPMS is sold in pairs. The Cat's eye is the only brand that allows tire pressure equalization between the two tires. Single air point airs both tires at once - no more fighting to get at the inboard tire. You can check for under inflation with a glance at the gauge as you walk by. No electronics needed. This is a solid system with stainless braided hoses and no leak connections. In the event of a blow out or hose damage, there is a check valve that insures you will not lose air in both tires. 35 years in business insures you are getting the best quality. Make your travels easier with the cat eye dual tire pressure equalizer and monitoring system. 

Just let us know if you do not see the psi you would like to run.  

  • Read all manufacturers recommendations and warnings
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  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for deliver

System will not fit with wheel covers or hub caps. You will need to remove them, but it is is well worth it. 

Also it is recommended to run steel valve stems, which will require a tire shop to install. 

You may need to change the valve stem style out at a tire shop and or have a tire shop install this item.