Sprinter 2500 4x4 Rear Add a Leaf 3 leaf pack

$ 677.25

This is a 3 leaf rear add a leaf pack for the Sprinter 2500 4x4 2015 and up. Great for heavy RV conversions and commercial vans reaching the GVWR. This is a traditional add a leaf style system which is strong and durable. If you are near GVWR this can help improve sagging, improve stability, and reduce bottoming on the bump stops. It is a heavy duty option for the heavy vans.  It will add 3 additional leaves or blades to your existing two leaf  spring pack. This can help you gain around an inch of extra ride height depending on your load configuration. See important notes and instructions below for all safety, warranty, liability information and agreement. Never exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Important note:  The system will come with 5 leaves or blades, the two bottom most leaves on the aftermarket add a leaf will need to be removed unless you are using it in combination with the rear lift kit - which extends important items like shocks, sway bar, etc. If you use all 5 leaves it will overextend items. Use only 3 leaves unless you have the additional lift kit components manufactured by Van Compass, which are also available by Clicking here for the full 2" rear Sprinter 4x4 lift kit.


Click here to download instructions with liability terms.


  • Includes multi leaf pack, ubolts, nuts, and center pin
  • All necessary hardware included for installation
  • May take 2-8 weeks for delivery
  • Never exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties
  • Made in the USA
  • A Van Compass™ product