Sprinter 4x4 Suspension Upgrade Package A for 3500

$ 2,232.49

We have included all top brand name suspension products in this Sprinter 3500 4x4 suspension package. This is a similar variation of the very popular 2wd Sprinter suspension package we have offered for many years that has received so much positive feedback from our customers. Every item in this package is direct fit with minimal labor involved and generally no drilling or other major modifications.

The package includes rear progressive Rebel SumoSprings made from micro-cellular urethane, a larger 1.5 inch rear sway bar, Falcon 2.1 rear shocks and Koni adjustable front struts.

You can also add front SumoSprings by selecting Package A+ in the drop down.

Important: The Rebel SumoSprings steel mounting plate may need to be trimmed for fitment of the Falcon or Koni Shocks on the 2019 and up 3500  - This may void the SumoSprings warranty.

The Rebel SumoSprings for you Sprinter 4x4 3500 are a micro cellular urethane product that can help level the rear of your van, reduce sway, rocking, and enhance load carrying ability. They are a two piece system which helps maintain full wheel travel or droop on the trail, while also enhancing your load carrying ability on or offroad. Great for towing as well.  Softer riding than some other products with easy installation and no maintenance. They work much like an air bag system, but with thousands of tiny air bubbles that never leak out.

The sway bar is a 1.5 Hellwig or Roadmaster bar depending on application and availability.

The Koni Heavy Track adjustable shocks are one of the oldest suspension upgrades in the Sprinter suspension and handling upgrade tool box. The Koni Heavy Tracks have an adjustable rebound setting. 

The Falcon 2.1 rear shocks are heavy duty, pre tuned, and offroad proven. We may contact you for a weight of your van. If you have it already you can add a note at check out.

This 4x4 suspension upgrade addresses a wide range of improvements. Whether you have an RV, cargo van, passenger van or toy hauler, we have you covered. Enjoy a more relaxed ride and surer feel. This is a great package and will improve many handling characteristics. 


  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • Improves ride and handling
  • Levels the rear of the van (depends on weight and Sumo version)
  • Reduces side to side wobble
  • Can help reduce porpoising
  • Reduces wind drift 
  • Reduces side to side sway in and out of driveways
  • Can help reduce hard bottoming in the rear with fully loaded vehicles; however your best gains will be in rocking and sway reduction
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Reduces the sea sick feel
  • We can recommend installers in your area and we ship nation wide. Please call or email for more information. Delivery times can vary but these items are generally ready to go - call or email if time is important
  • Shipping is around $100.00 to $115.00 roughly for the lower 48
  • Professional installation is always recommended along with a front end alignment
  • Photos may show products that have been updated, changed, or not to size
  • Read all manufacturers recommendations and warnings 
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties


Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940. 

Remember when you buy from Sprinter Upgrades, we offer continuing tech support while you are on the road, with any Sprinter question anytime. We are here to help get you where you need to go.