Sprinter HD Rear Shock Mount - Baja Bracket

$ 345.00

This heavy duty rear upper shock mount will make a much stronger connection than the original single bolt connection. For heavy vans that are used on rough roads, this is a good option. The Baja Bracket is a sturdy, precision engineered solution to capture both sides of the upper shock bushing and eliminate the fulcrum effect that could cause a bolt to eventually shear under heavy duty use. The part is laser cut and CNC bent from 3/16" formed steel, fixture welded to ensure accuracy, then powder coated for good looks and longevity. A complete hardware kit and slotted holes ensure perfect fit and alignment on all vans, while a machined tubular brace dissipates the load of the shock safely throughout the frame rail.

  • Reinforces weak factory upper shock bolt.
  • Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Works with stock and aftermarket shocks.
  • Works with stock and lifted vans.
  • Simple installation with basic hand tools.

NOTE: Please confirm there are no plumbing or wiring obstructions before ordering. Depending on the builder, some vans may have accessories routed that will interfere with fitment of these brackets. Some Revels and Storytellers have plumbing and wiring routed through part of the spring hanger on the passenger side, but these brackets will still fit that application.