Sprinter Hidden Style Winch Mount

$ 900.00

Always be prepared with this winch mounting system for your 2019 and up VS30 Sprinter. This system will completely replace the factory bumper which is under the plastic bumper cover. Whether you need this for work or play this one is a clean set up. Comes with tow points, but if you choose not to use them, you can leave them off.  This bumper is compatible with 2019 VS30 Sprinter adaptive cruise control and parking sensors. The sensor is relocated to the winch mount from the position above the step where the top of the winch needs to land. ****

2015 to 2018 Sprinter hidden style winch mounts are also available and come with a standard 2" receiver hook up. This system completely replaces the factory bumper under the plastic cover. The 2" receiver has a 300 lb tongue weight and adds additional function to your van. The optional hitch is great for bicycle racks or use it as a secondary recovery point. Constructed from 3/16" steel plate and 1/4" square tube. Powder coated black for corrosion resistance. 

*** This front winch mount is designed around the Warn Zeon series of winches. Many other winches are compatible with this kit, but please reference the Warn Zeon 12-S winch for the maximum winch size. Winch is not included.



Photos show the 2019 and up Sprinter winch system.

Roughly 100.00 in shipping to the lower 48.


  • Comes with tow points, you can install them or not
  • Rough weight before winch is 52 lbs
  • Never exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties
  • Made in the USA by Van Compass