Sprinter Suspension Upgrade Package B for 2500

$ 1,627.78

The Suspension Upgrade Package B for Sprinters includes front and rear progressive SumoSprings made from micro-cellular urethane, a 1 and 5/16 inch rear Hellwig sway bar, 1 and 1/8 inch Hellwig sway bar, or a Roadmaster 1 and 1/8 inch sway bar, and rear Koni FSD self adjusting shocks. 

The Suspension Upgrade Package B for Sprinters is a variation of the popular Suspension Package A.

The Suspension Upgrade Package B includes all top brand names in suspension performance. All three major areas of your Sprinter suspension are addressed, creating a great balanced package. Also, every item in this suspension package is direct fit with minimal labor involved and no drilling or other major modifications. 

The Sumo Springs are an airless air bag system that work with your factory spring by adding load assist. They are similar to a conventional air bag system but manufactured with closed cell urethane which creates thousands of small air bags within the unit. These are maintenance free, durable, and soft riding. 

Koni FSD rear shocks are a self adjusting shock. These will self adjust according to road conditions which allows for stability when needed and comfort when available.

2017 to 2024 will come with the Hellwig 1 5/16 inch sway bar. This includes vans that came without a factory rear sway bar.  

2007 to 2016 Sprinters will come with the Roadmaster 1 1/8 inch sway bar or for vans without a factory sway bar the Hellwig 1 1/8 inch bar. 

This suspension upgrade really addresses a wide range of improvements. Whether you have an RV, commercial van, toy hauler or limousine, we have you covered. Enjoy a more relaxed ride and surer feel. This is a great suspension package at a budget price and can improve many handling characteristics. 

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  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • Improves ride and handling
  • Reduces side to side wobble
  • Can help reduce porpoising
  • Reduces wind drift 
  • Reduces side to side sway in and out of driveways
  • Better cornering and road control
  • Can help reduce hard bottoming in the rear with fully loaded vehicles; however your best gains will be in rocking and sway reduction
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Reduces the seasick feel
  • We can recommend installers in your area and ship nation wide. Please call or email for more information. Delivery times can vary but items are usually ready to ship 
  • Shipping is around $75 roughly for the lower 48
  • Professional installation is always recommended
  • Read all manufacturers recommendations and warnings 
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties


Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.

Remember, when you buy from Sprinter Upgrades, we offer continuing tech support while you are on the road, with any Sprinter question anytime. We are here to help get you where you need to go.