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Sprinter 4x4 Skid Plates - Oil Pan - Transmission - Transfer Case- Fuel Tank

We are excited to add a line of skid plates for the Sprinter 4x4. They are built by Van Compass out of California. You probably won't be driving your Sprinter 4wd van too far up the Rubicon trail, but the fact that it is four wheel drive means people will be taking these off road. These will see many miles of off road use here in the States. The Van Compass skid plates offer great protection against rocks or other obstacles in the trail. Even on pavement, road hazards can be trouble - we actually hit what appeared to be a starter on a trip back from Idaho recently. It could not be avoided due to a vehicle passing on the left as we slowed for the object in the road. It hit three times under the vehicle. Luckily we were not spilling fluids everywhere when we checked it out. I would have been a lot more comfortable if we'd had some skid plate protection in place before we hit the debris!

Check out the Sprinter 4x4 oil pan skid plate here, and the transfer case and transmission skid plate here. There is also a fuel tank skid plate being fitted and tested now. 


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June 28, 2016

CR Laurence Sprinter Window Insulation, Passenger Sets, and Mix n Match

We have added window insulation sets for the CR Laurence aftermarket windows. These window insulation sets have been very popular for the factory windows. Now you can have full privacy and great insulation for your C.R. Laurence windows as well. You can pick and choose which windows you would like to cover. Available in R-16 silver and R-10 wood grain patterns. See the CR Laurence window insulation here. 

In addition to the C.R. Laurence window insulation we have 6 piece and 8 piece rear window insulation sets for the passenger vans or window vans.  

Also you can create a custom set of insulation panels depending on which windows you want to cover in our Mix n Match Sprinter insulation area here. 

Don't forget to look at all the Sprinter window insulation options, like the cab window insulation sets, and cargo window insulation sets. You can find all of our Sprinter window insulation sets here.

We have tried to include as many options as possible so you can buy online and have an easy enjoyable experience with us. If you have a certain combination of windows you want covered and don't see the options, call or email and we can put together a custom insulation set for you. 

Any way you look at it, we have you covered ;-)


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Sprinter 4x4 Suspension Products - Update

We are getting a lot of calls for Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades. Currently several of the suspension manufacturers that we work with are in the process of developing or considering products for the 4 wheel drive Sprinter. Boss air suspension has fitted an air bag for the four wheel drive Sprinter. As of now, we have not heard of any Sprinter lift kits being built for the 4x4. One thing we know is that most, if not all, of the 2WD Sprinter suspension parts are not compatible with the 4WD chassis. The current Koni shocks and struts available will not fit the 4x4 Sprinter. We will keep you posted as the new products come on line, and it never hurts to talk with the manufacturers direct or to post on their blogs or popular forums to let them know you are interested in Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades.

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Sprinter EX-Guard Front End Protection System

We have now added the Sprinter EX-Guard front end protection system. This unit has the highest weight to strength ratio in the industry. For fleet or commercial van operators that are at high risk for animal impact there is nothing better on the market. Great for RV use as well. These are a great way to protect your radiator from wildlife impact, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere! Why spend the same or more on a "for looks" only grill guard?

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Sprinter Upgrades Article on Sprinter Van and Cab Chassis Suspension

We get a lot of questions on Sprinter suspension, so we put together an article that we hope will help answer some questions about the Sprinter suspension components. Click the link below to read the article.

Sprinter Van and RV Suspension 101

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January 31, 2016

Roadtrek E-Trek on the Sprinter van chassis

Roadtrek has always been on the cutting edge of RV manufacturing.  Check out the Roadtrek E-Trek built on the Sprinter van chassis. For off grid camping or boon docking, you could not ask for more. We have spoken with customers who own these units, and they just love them. 



For more information check out the Roadtrek E-Trek web page.

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The web site for Sprinter owners!

We will continue to work in 2016 toward making this the best Sprinter owners' site on the web. We want to keep it all about Sprinters, and the adventures we have in them.  We will continue to look for new Sprinter products and add them as they become available. Don't forget to tell your friends about us or share our link.

Happy Holidays from the Sprinter Upgrades Staff!  We hope to see you on the road........


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Sprinter Suspension Package A and B for 3500 and 2500 Feedback - Reviews


"Mark, Just writing to thank you for all of your help and guidance on how to handle the suspension 'rocking' issue on my new Navion RV. I purchased the suspension Package A for 3500 series.  Let me tell you, it's a night and day difference that I would recommend to anyone who owns one of these vehicles. You'll wonder how you drove without it. I went from feeling like I'm driving an old stage coach to a sports car and the ride is no harder than factory.  Thanks again, Rob"


"The Koni struts and shocks I purchased from you did wonders for the crosswind handling" - 2015 Interstate 3500 - Dave in Indiana. (Vehicle also has SumosSprings in all 4 corners.)


"I drove it the other day in a 20 mph cross wind with barely a swerve.  I mean, it is still an RV, but the wind and truck swerves were barely noticeable and highly manageable, plus the ride is a lot smoother.   I can not believe how much the sway bar made a difference in cornering.  Thanks for telling me about the improvements.  -Phillip" 2015 3500 Winnebago View (Customer installed front and rear SumoSprings along with 1.5" sway bar upgrade) 



"I just wanted you to know that my mechanic was impressed with the quality of the parts and ease of installation." Scott - 3500 Sprinter Package B 
"Mark I wanted to thank you for the Sprinter Suspension kit , we put it on and I could not be happier with the truck, feels like a sporty SUV now."  Michael - 2500 Sprinter Package A

"WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!!! The new sway bar and rear shocks make it feel like a completely different vehicle. Where I used to "gingerly" take curves and creep out of driveways now I can drive with confidence. I think I should have opted for the front shocks too since the rear now finally feels stable but the front while fine does not feel as tight as the rear suspension. However I think I will get the Sumo Springs mounted first before adding Konis on the front.

I want to tell you that you have a great product package and service. Thanks much for your assistance. The little RV feels like a completely different van now." 

"I am a "true car guy".....I have 8 Italian sports cars. I understand suspension dynamics and how it affects handling. Your package made a significant improvement to the Sprinter handling giving me more confidence when driving the curvy mountain roads in NC. My passengers also benefited from the better ride in the rear when we tailgated to the NCAA National Championship game in Tampa a couple of weeks ago. I should have found you years ago when I bought the van!! " Steve - 2011 3500 Pleasure Way Package B 




"Mark, Picked the Ascent up yesterday with the new and improved suspension system. Made the drive from Va Beach to the OBX in fairly gusty cross winds and noticed a wonderful change. The coach no longer wanders/floats down the road and even the strongest gusts did not make driving uncomfortable. Handling through exit/on ramps was also much better. Thanks again for your assistance in getting the proper parts to me." Rob -  2017 Ascent - Sprinter 2500 Package A with front Sumos and rear steel SuperSprings


"Had the kit installed and just drove the Itasca Reyo. Completely different ride. No more sway. Drives like a car." John in NY - 2011 Reyo Class A on Sprinter 3500 chassis - Suspension Upgrade Package A


"Just a note to report upgrades installed and we took our first trip. Over Snoqualmie Pass onto Whidbey Isl. Huge improvement and very satisfied. Thanks for your recommendation. I'll refer your direction at every opportunity.
We picked up our MH new in Iowa and got blown and rocked around on the 4000 mile meandering trip home. Now all that is just a memory."  Tom in WA - 2017 Navion on a 3500 Cab Chassis - Front and rear Sumos with upgraded sway bar - Already had HD shocks on rear
"....  I WAS DRIVING AROUND IN THE MOST AMAZING RV ON THE ROAD!!!!!  Seriously, the suspension package has made a night and day difference in the handling of my View. Everyone should be doing this upgrade!  Thanks for all your great help!" 
"If anyone is on the fence about the upgrade I'm also more than happy to talk to them.  
Everyone with a Sprinter based RV should install this upgrade!  You can quote me on that!"  Dennis - 2016 3500 Cab Chassis Sprinter - Suspension Package A red rears
        " I have driven my Sprinter 50k in 7 months,,, therefore I feel that I have a pretty good idea of its general characteristics. I was excited to get the suspension upgrade (Koni front and rear plus the Sumo springs ) I installed them and had to go out to test them, 80 miles later I returned home . A huge smile on my face the whole time !!!  The stability that this caused is remarkable, changing lanes at 80 , passing semis , Cornering, traversing driveways. Super stable . Thanks"  Peter in GA - Sprinter 2500 -  

" installed everything today.   Big improvement in ride!
Thanks for the follow up." Dan in Ohio - Newer 3500 RV - Suspension Package B

"Everything is installed, Wow what an improvement !!
Thanks for all your help." Ron in Ohio - 2015 Navion RV Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis - Suspension Upgrade Package A with front Sumos - 4-24-2018
"Thanks for your help and advise. I installed the kit and the van handles much better. Especially the sway is gone!!!" Vittorio in CA - 2014 2wd Airstream - Suspension Upgrade Package B

"Everything went in smoothly and the change in handling is shocking! Thanks again" Doug in NM -  3500 Sprinter NCV3 - Suspension Upgrade Package B - 10-04-2018

1st email -  "Hi Mark, All parts received and installed. What a difference!!!  Thanks for all your help."
2nd email - "It made a phenomenal difference. Like a completely different vehicle."
Aubrey in CO - 2007 and up 3500 Sprinter NCV3 - Suspension Upgrade Package A with Koni Heavy Tracks - 11-15-2018

"I want to let you know I finally was able to get my suspension package installed.  I cannot believe the difference in the ride and handling.  I have taken it on a 350 mile trip and will soon be leaving for a 2,000 mile trip and am anxious to get it on the road for a longer trip.  So far, everything is better and I am really enjoying the added comfort along with my van not rattling to pieces with every bump and crack in the road.  The side to side swaying reduction is a whole new experience.  I had no idea how bad it was until now when I can actually feel the difference. It was a huge improvement and thank you for working with me to get it right.  Your help is much appreciated." Matt in CO - 2006 Sprinter 2500 158" - Suspension Upgrade Package A - 3-1-2019


"Hey Mark, Just installed the whole package, wanted to say thank you for your help and the much improved ride! Heading out on a road trip shortly, can't wait!! Thank again Steve"  NCV3 2007 to 2018 Sprinter 3500 - Suspension Upgrade Package B - 3/14/19


"The combination of Helwig sway bar, Koni shocks and Sumos completely removes all of the anxiety whenever a semi would pass at high speed - the “push and suck” is completely gone. Both my wife and myself are amazed at the drive-ability after the upgrades. All the advice and services I’ve received from you and your company have been top notch. Thanks" Mark in Virginia - NCV3 2007 to 2018 Sprinter 3500 - Suspension Upgrade Package B
"We took the Sprinter RV from Tucson to Yuma this past weekend, a total of close to 500 miles. The suspension has been greatly improved. The vehicle feels taut, but not harsh, over tar strips and such, and handles speed bumps much better than before, when the vehicle would still be porpoising half a block after the bump. The camper feels tighter and better-controlled around corners and is especially improved through long sweeping interstate curves at the Arizona 75 MPH limit. I used to slow down to around 65 through sweeping curves I can now take securely at 75. We didn't experience much in the way of high cross winds, but what little wind we did run into seemed to have less effect on the RV. Thanks for an excellent product and equally excellent service." Ray in AZ -2007 to 2018 3500 2wd - Suspension Upgrade Package A with FSD Konis  -  3/3/2020
"They work great, big improvement" Steven in SD - 2007-2018 3500 2wd



Sprinter 3500 Suspension Upgrade Package A

Sprinter 2500 Suspension Upgrade Package A 

Sprinter 3500 Suspension Upgrade Package B


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November 10, 2015

Fiamma Awnings for the Sprinter van

We are  proud to be a Fiamma awning distributor! Check out our Sprinter Accessories Page for Fiamma information.

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September 28, 2015

Sprinter DIY RV Conversion Van Information and Spinter RV Buyers Guide

This is a great resource for Sprinter Vans in general but especially useful for RV or Conversion Van Sprinter owners. Whether you are doing your own RV conversion or you already own one, we think you will find something here you like. 




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