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Sprinter Carpet Floor Mats 10% off until 2019 - coupon code MATS

We are offering all the Sprinter carpet floor mats at 10% off until 2019. Enter code MATS at check out.

Click here to find Sprinter Carpet Floor Mats in our Sprinter Interior area.


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November 27, 2018

Sprinter Extended Fender Flare 4 piece Kits and Front Flare 2 piece Kits

There is now an extended fender flare kit for all four corners of your Sprinter van. The "Big Flare Kit" is a wider fender flare made specifically for your Sprinter van, and is a full 4 piece kit. These are great for those that want the extra coverage to offer protection from wider wheels and tires.

If we are going to mention flares, we should also mention the popular front fender flare 2 piece kit. The 2 piece kit is not an extended style flare but is designed to match the factory rear flares that North American Sprinters come with from the factory, adding protection, and a nice finished look.

Sprinter models in Europe come with no fender flares. So we also have available a 4 piece European model flare kit that will give you 4 flares. These will match more closely to the North American Sprinter vans rear fender flare, and will also include the front flares to match.

Click here for more information on the Sprinter Extended Fender Flare 4 piece kit

Click here for the Sprinter Front Fender Flare 2 piece kit

Click here for the 4 piece European Flare Kit



Front Extended Flare 4 piece kit

Rear Extended Flare 4 piece kit


Front Fender Flare 2 piece kit

Sprinter Front Fender Flare Kit


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April 19, 2018

2018 and the New Sprinter 4x4

We are pretty excited about 2018! We have taken delivery of our new 2017 4x4 Sprinter 2500 144" High Roof Crew Van and got it added to "the fleet". We wanted to customize our 4wd Sprinter with factory options, and we had to wait six months for the special order Sprinter to come in. But we got the Sprinter set up with the factory options that we wanted, and it was well worth the wait for us. We ordered our new four wheel drive Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz of Salem Oregon. What a great experience! MB of Salem really knows how to put the fun back into buying a new vehicle, and they are a great lead for anyone wanting to purchase a Sprinter.

We may have broken our own record in having the Sprinter off road and on the beach in less than 24 hours after picking it up. Of course, we were gentle on it for the break in. You don't get many clear 65 degree days on the Oregon beach on a weekend in January, so we took advantage of it. Strangely enough there was a mostly identical graphite grey 4x4 144" wheel base Sprinter on the beach already, as well as a 170" wheel base Sprinter surfer set up in the parking lot, and a Class C Sprinter based RV around the corner. We offer many suspension upgrades and products for the Sprinter cab chassis and RV's, but remember to also keep an eye out for new Sprinter 4x4 products, accessories and information at SprinterUpgrades.com.


Sprinter 4x4 on the Oregon Coast

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January 26, 2018

Sprinter Upgrades 2018 - The Adventure Continues

Thanks to all our customers, supporters, and vendors for another great year. We hope we have been able to help people really get the most out of their Sprinter's so they can enjoy their adventures in style and comfort. 2018 is here and we will continue to work hard at bringing new and exciting things to the Sprinter owner, RV up-fitter, dealerships, and all the rest. We love our job and thank everyone again!  


New Sprinter owner on Larwood Bridge, Linn County Oregon.

Purchased from Mercedes-Benz of Spokane Washington.

Sprinter Going Through The Larwood Bridge - Covered Bridge Tour Route in Linn County


Sprinter Upgrades Logo



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January 12, 2018

Koni FSD Front Sprinter Struts Now Available

Koni now has front FSD Sprinter Struts available for both the 2500 and 3500 2wd. A 2500 Sprinter rear Koni FSD is also available. This will allow you to have the Koni FSD technology on all four corners of both Sprinter 2wd models. This is the self adjusting Koni technology that offers maximum comfort without sacrificing road holding and stability.

Koni FSD once refered to as Koni gold or golds are no longer being painted gold, they will transition over to a red body for the Sprinters. They will have an FSD sticker on them to help identify that you are getting the FSD Technology for your Sprinter and not the Heavy Tracks Koni with red body.


Koni FSD Gold Front Struts and Rear Shocks for Sprinter            Koni FSD Shocks - Formerly Gold now Red


Click here for Sprinter Front Koni FSD Struts



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October 13, 2017

Sprinter Upgrades Summer 2017

We have had a great summer here in Oregon and have spoke with many Sprinter enthusiasts this season. We are amazed at how many new people are finding the excitement of an RV trip or 4wd overland trip and are setting up for their Sprinters for these adventures. Whether for work, vacation travel, over-landing, or whatever you are doing with your Sprinter, we want to continue to be the site where great vans go to get even better.

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September 12, 2017

Sprinter Upgrades Sponsors "The Journey Itself Is Home"

For many people, part of owning a Sprinter is the adventure of travel. In this spirit of adventure, we are happy to be sponsoring a family that is traveling to South America in their Sprinter. They are documenting their van build and their trip. Their van is coming along well and looks great!  If you are interested in following their build and adventures check them out at the links below:

Click here for The Journey Itself Is Home website.

Click here for The Journey Itself Is Home Facebook page.

 The Journey Itself Is Home Sprinter Van- South American Trip The Journey Itself Is Home Sprinter

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April 28, 2017

Sprinter no-see-um screens and standard bug screens

We have added a true no-see-um screen material to the Sprinter insect screen line up. Both the no-see-um screens and the standard screens are a great choice for your camping adventures.

Click here to read about the differences between the no-see-um material and standard screen material.

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February 21, 2017

Sprinter 4x4 SumoSprings Rebel Kit and Fox Shocks Reviews and Feedback

"I am very happy with the Rebel Fox combo. The Rebel kit came in the same afternoon I was headed to Colorado, so I did not get to put them on. Now that I am back and have them on, I think its a perfect combo. Without the Rebel kit, high winds in the mountain passes were still annoying. With the Fox2.0s and the Rebel HD kit, the whole van feels more planted and handles gusty wind much better.  Fully loaded out for travel I'm pushing nine thousand pounds...The van sits level again. I'm very happy with the Kit. " - Ben TX, 2015 2500 Sprinter 4x4 (HD version of the SumoSprings Rebel kit) - Reminder: Do not Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating


I installed the Sumos (Rebel) and the Fox rear shocks on my Sprinter (4x4). The results were amazing. It is much smoother with less noise. -  Scottt TX, 2015 2500 4x4 Sprinter (Standard Duty version of the SumoSprings Rebel Kit)


"Hi Mark, Wanted to let you know that the rear suspension items you sold worked great. Drove from Montana to California and I was driving a totally different Sprinter from my previous drive, very stable, a pleasure to drive." Tim MT, 3500 4wd Sprinter (Standard Duty Rebel Sumos and rear Fox shocks)


Got the parts put on today and man what a difference. Rear ain't sagging and she handles much better. Really stoked, thanks.  If you notice the front wheel wells in the before picture you'll see how jacked it was in the front.- ED IL, 2015 3500 4x4 Airstream Sprinter Chassis (Heavy Duty version of the SumoSprings Rebel Kit and rear Fox shock custom tuned)


Sprinter 4x4 SumoSprings Rebel Kit Click Here

Sprinter 4x4 Fox Shocks Rear Click Here

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