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Sprinter 2019 VS30 Suspension and Product Update

The 2019 Sprinter VS30 van is moving right along, and we are adding products as available. Please make sure you have the VS30 chassis when ordering your parts. The NCV3 chassis that was built from 2007 to 2018 is different and some parts will reflect that. The best way to determine you have the 2019 VS30 chassis is to look at the headlights and see if they match the VS30 photos below. There is also a partial list below of parts and accessories currently available for the VS30. This list is meant as a quick update as of 8/30/19 - new products will be added to the website so some may not show up here. Please call if you have any questions and feel free to browse the website for the most current products and availability. Thank you for all your support!

2019 Sprinter Hood Shield

2019 Sprinter VS30 Fender Flare 4pc set

2019 Sprinter Grab Handles

2019 Sprinter Cab Cover

2019 Sprinter Side Door Screens

2019 Sprinter Rear Door Screens

2019 Sprinter Cab Window Vents

2019 Sprinter Cab Window Insulation

Sprinter 2019 Cab Window Insulation

2019 Sprinter 3500 Suspension Upgrade Package B

2019 Sprinter 2500 Suspension Upgrade Package B 

2019 Sprinter 4x4 Suspension Upgrade Package F for 2500 and 3500

2019 Sprinter Sumo Springs Rear

2019 Sprinter 4x4 SumoSprings

2019 Sprinter SuperSpring Steel Helper Springs

2019 Sprinter Rear Sway Bar 3500 2wd and 4wd

2019 Sprinter Front SumoSprings

2019 Sprinter Fiamma Awnings

2019 Sprinter Front Light Bar

2019 Sprinter Rear Tug Step

 2019 VS30 Sprinter 2500 2wd 2 inch lift kit

2019 Sprinter Floor mats

2019 Sprinter Black Emblems





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August 30, 2019 1 tags (show)

Koni Shocks and Struts for the Sprinter 4x4

Koni has releases part numbers for the Sprinter 2500 4x4. Both front and rear Heavy Track Konis are now available. To our knowledge this is the first aftermarket front strut replacement available for the 4wd Sprinter. 


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June 03, 2019

VS30 2019 Sprinter Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

The new model VS30 2019 Sprinter is out and on the road. We are updating our product information and adding new part #'s for these as parts become available. Some aftermarket items we offer will carry over while other products will be updated and re designed to fit the new body. If you do not see something just give us a call and we will be happy to check to see if the item is available for the 2019 Sprinter, or when it will be if not currently available.

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May 15, 2019

DTE PedalBox for Sprinters

We have added the DTE Systems Pedal Box to our line of Sprinter products. This is an easy to install plug and play system that optimizes throttle performance by optimizing the throttle sensors signal going to the engine control module. This will help the vehicle to reach the wide open throttle position much quicker and therefore realizing the true power potential much sooner. The  Sprinter Pedal Box reduces the travel necessary in your accelerator pedal to reach full throttle response and has multiple setting to allow a truly custom throttle tune.

In years past the Bowden cable or throttle cable was used to mechanically connect your accelerator pedal to your fuel delivery system.The Sprinters accelerator pedal position is read by a sensor that then sends a signal that tells the fuel delivery system what to do. This type of system is know as Drive by Wire.

Drive by wire systems are tuned for the standard driver and standard vehicle. The PedalBox will allow you to custom tune the throttle response. Some manufacturers offer similar functions as the PedalBox built into the vehicle via settings like Sport Mode, etc.

Made in Germany.

For off road use in US and Canada.

Please click here to purchase the PedalBox, find installation instructions and liability information.


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Sprinter StowAway 2 Rear Hitch Cargo Storage Box

We have added the StowAway2 rear hitch cargo box to our site. For more information on the StowAway storage box for Sprinter vans click here. 


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January 23, 2019

Sprinter at Detroit Lake Oregon - 2019 is Here!

Thanks to everyone for all the support in 2018. We look forward to 2019 and hope everyone has a great year filled with adventure.


Sprinter at Detroit Lake Oregon

Sprinter at Detroit Lake Oregon

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Sprinter Extended Fender Flare 4 piece Kits and Front Flare 2 piece Kits

There is now an extended fender flare kit for all four corners of your Sprinter van. The "Big Flare Kit" is a wider fender flare made specifically for your Sprinter van, and is a full 4 piece kit. These are great for those that want the extra coverage to offer protection from wider wheels and tires.

If we are going to mention flares, we should also mention the popular front fender flare 2 piece kit. The 2 piece kit is not an extended style flare but is designed to match the factory rear flares that North American Sprinters come with from the factory, adding protection, and a nice finished look.

Sprinter models in Europe come with no fender flares. So we also have available a 4 piece European model flare kit that will give you 4 flares. These will match more closely to the North American Sprinter vans rear fender flare, and will also include the front flares to match.

Click here for more information on the Sprinter Extended Fender Flare 4 piece kit

Click here for the Sprinter Front Fender Flare 2 piece kit

Click here for the 4 piece European Flare Kit



Front Extended Flare 4 piece kit

Rear Extended Flare 4 piece kit


Front Fender Flare 2 piece kit

Sprinter Front Fender Flare Kit


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April 19, 2018

2018 and the New Sprinter 4x4

We are pretty excited about 2018! We have taken delivery of our new 2017 4x4 Sprinter 2500 144" High Roof Crew Van and got it added to "the fleet". We wanted to customize our 4wd Sprinter with factory options, and we had to wait six months for the special order Sprinter to come in. But we got the Sprinter set up with the factory options that we wanted, and it was well worth the wait for us. We ordered our new four wheel drive Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz of Salem Oregon. What a great experience! MB of Salem really knows how to put the fun back into buying a new vehicle, and they are a great lead for anyone wanting to purchase a Sprinter.

We may have broken our own record in having the Sprinter off road and on the beach in less than 24 hours after picking it up. Of course, we were gentle on it for the break in. You don't get many clear 65 degree days on the Oregon beach on a weekend in January, so we took advantage of it. Strangely enough there was a mostly identical graphite grey 4x4 144" wheel base Sprinter on the beach already, as well as a 170" wheel base Sprinter surfer set up in the parking lot, and a Class C Sprinter based RV around the corner. We offer many suspension upgrades and products for the Sprinter cab chassis and RV's, but remember to also keep an eye out for new Sprinter 4x4 products, accessories and information at SprinterUpgrades.com.


Sprinter 4x4 on the Oregon Coast

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January 26, 2018

Sprinter Upgrades 2018 - The Adventure Continues

Thanks to all our customers, supporters, and vendors for another great year. We hope we have been able to help people really get the most out of their Sprinter's so they can enjoy their adventures in style and comfort. 2018 is here and we will continue to work hard at bringing new and exciting things to the Sprinter owner, RV up-fitter, dealerships, and all the rest. We love our job and thank everyone again!  


New Sprinter owner on Larwood Bridge, Linn County Oregon.

Purchased from Mercedes-Benz of Spokane Washington.

Sprinter Going Through The Larwood Bridge - Covered Bridge Tour Route in Linn County


Sprinter Upgrades Logo



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January 12, 2018