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New Sprinter Adventures and Products for 2017

We are looking forward to all the new adventures that 2017 will bring. We want to offer a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone for all the support in 2016: thanks to all the customers that come here and decide to support us, and a sincere appreciation to all of our vendors that offer so much support and so many innovative products. We really enjoy our work and look forward to serving Sprinter owners in 2017.

We have added a few new products recently and will be adding more new Sprinter products in 2017.

Check out the new door stop kits here.

We have also added premium grade stain treated carpet mats for both the front and rear of your Sprinter here.

Also the new Sprinter Snorkel Kit can be seen here.


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Small Business Saturday


After Black Friday comes "Small Business Saturday." Most of our suppliers are small businesses, crafting their products for Sprinter vans with care and individual attention to each item that leaves their shops. Today we would like to thank all of these suppliers, customers, and other small businesses that have helped make our dream possible. -Julianne

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November 25, 2016

Luxury Berber Floor Mats, Passenger Mats, and Cargo Mats for Sprinter

We have added a premium line of European style Berber floor mats for your Sprinter van and cab chassis. Hand built quality and Made in America. They are available for the front area, rear passenger area, and cargo area. Premium grade cut pile mats are also available.  




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October 06, 2016

Sprinter 4x4 Test Course Drive

A customer sent me this link and I thought maybe Sprinter 4x4 enthusiasts and overland adventurers might find it entertaining.  At minutes 7 and 11 it gets really good. The wheels off the ground footage is interesting as you can see the brakes automatically apply to the spinning wheel that has lost traction.  This will help transfer power back to the wheel that has traction. Impressive!



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Sprinter Chassis and Frame Article

We have a new article on the Sprinter frame, chassis, and steering system. The article also covers basic model identification, including the 4x4. Please click on the link below to read:

Sprinter Frame (Chassis), Steering, and Basic Model ID Article

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Sprinter 4x4 Skid Plates - Oil Pan - Transmission - Transfer Case- Fuel Tank

We are excited to add a line of skid plates for the Sprinter 4x4. They are built by Van Compass out of California. You probably won't be driving your Sprinter 4wd van too far up the Rubicon trail, but the fact that it is four wheel drive means people will be taking these off road. These will see many miles of off road use here in the States. The Van Compass skid plates offer great protection against rocks or other obstacles in the trail. Even on pavement, road hazards can be trouble - we actually hit what appeared to be a starter on a trip back from Idaho recently. It could not be avoided due to a vehicle passing on the left as we slowed for the object in the road. It hit three times under the vehicle. Luckily we were not spilling fluids everywhere when we checked it out. I would have been a lot more comfortable if we'd had some skid plate protection in place before we hit the debris!

Check out the Sprinter 4x4 oil pan skid plate here, and the transfer case and transmission skid plate here. There is also a fuel tank skid plate being fitted and tested now. 


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June 28, 2016

CR Laurence Sprinter Window Insulation, Passenger Sets, and Mix n Match

We have added window insulation sets for the CR Laurence aftermarket windows. These window insulation sets have been very popular for the factory windows. Now you can have full privacy and great insulation for your C.R. Laurence windows as well. You can pick and choose which windows you would like to cover. Available in R-16 silver and R-10 wood grain patterns. See the CR Laurence window insulation here. 

In addition to the C.R. Laurence window insulation we have 6 piece and 8 piece rear window insulation sets for the passenger vans or window vans.  

Also you can create a custom set of insulation panels depending on which windows you want to cover in our Mix n Match Sprinter insulation area here. 

Don't forget to look at all the Sprinter window insulation options, like the cab window insulation sets, and cargo window insulation sets. You can find all of our Sprinter window insulation sets here.

We have tried to include as many options as possible so you can buy online and have an easy enjoyable experience with us. If you have a certain combination of windows you want covered and don't see the options, call or email and we can put together a custom insulation set for you. 

Any way you look at it, we have you covered ;-)


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Sprinter 4x4 Suspension Products - Update

We are getting a lot of calls for Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades. Currently several of the suspension manufacturers that we work with are in the process of developing or considering products for the 4 wheel drive Sprinter. Boss air suspension has fitted an air bag for the four wheel drive Sprinter. As of now, we have not heard of any Sprinter lift kits being built for the 4x4. One thing we know is that most, if not all, of the 2WD Sprinter suspension parts are not compatible with the 4WD chassis. The current Koni shocks and struts available will not fit the 4x4 Sprinter. We will keep you posted as the new products come on line, and it never hurts to talk with the manufacturers direct or to post on their blogs or popular forums to let them know you are interested in Sprinter 4x4 suspension upgrades.

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Sprinter EX-Guard Front End Protection System

We have now added the Sprinter EX-Guard front end protection system. This unit has the highest weight to strength ratio in the industry. For fleet or commercial van operators that are at high risk for animal impact there is nothing better on the market. Great for RV use as well. These are a great way to protect your radiator from wildlife impact, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere! Why spend the same or more on a "for looks" only grill guard?

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Sprinter Upgrades Article on Sprinter Van and Cab Chassis Suspension

We get a lot of questions on Sprinter suspension, so we put together an article that we hope will help answer some questions about the Sprinter suspension components. Click the link below to read the article.

Sprinter Van and RV Suspension 101

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January 31, 2016